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Every one of us wants to know the latest happenings in and around our area but it is very difficult for us to have newspaper everytime with us. We can’t even watch the television everytime as it is also not available at all times. But we carry our mobile phone with us everytime. And if we can get the latest happenings on it then we would be in touch with the news also and that too without any television or newspaper.

To get the updated news on mobiles, we should have ‘AtomaRSS Scrollable NewsWidget’ android app developed by ‘Nodes’. This android app enables you to read your favorite news items on your smartphone.

Android AtomaRSS News

AtomaRSS Scrollable News Widget features

• It can be configured on own.

• You can change the color of the text.

• You can change the size of the text.

• The news items can be switched within the browser.

• Feeds can be categorized.

• You can see which items you have read and which are still to be read as you can enable it to show just unread items.

• The news-items can be shared over the Android sharing features.

• The colors of the feeds can be changed.

• Widgets can be resized.

• Various background widgets are offered.

• The configuration of widgets can be restored.

• Multiple widgets can be supported.

• You can switch the categories.

• The buttons are not seen and there is no footer and no header.

• Photos are shown with feeds. Please remember that all the feeds do not contain photos and if you think that any feed should have pictures but the feed is not displaying that, then you can comment below or can even contact the developer.

• It places a restriction on Google Reader to some specific directories only.

• It supports the category browsing of Feedzilla.

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If you see no news-items then the chances are that the launchers are not supporting the widgets. You can switch the launcher in this case to Zeamlauncher or any other one that you think can support it. Also check that the scrollable widgets is been activated in the launcher.

The news android app is compatible with Ice-Cream and HoneyComb. It needs Android 2.1 and higher.

Download Android AtomaRSS Scrollable News Widget from Market.



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