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LazyDroid is an Android application that helps in accessing your mobile phone through Internet connection. You can control your smartphone from Usb/Wifi/Internet connection. You just need the Internet connection and web browser so that you can open the website in that browser.

The developer has made a good app to allow browsing experience on Android smartphones. If you try accessing via USB on some Rom then avoid Google’s Chrome as some users are experiencing issues with Chrome. Also, Internet Explorer with compatibility mode should be avoided.

Click to reveal – Remote Controlling Android devices.

LazyDroid Android app Features

Lazydroid Android desktop

• Call Handler: On your Web desktop, you can see your phone ringing, in-case someone is calling you. Then you can take appropriate action whether to answer the call or not, silence the incoming ring. If you want, you can disconnect the call and can call that number at a later stage.

• Clip-Board: Clip-board of mobile can be set.

• Camera: The camera of your smartphone can be seen easily. Please note that if you are having the old version of this app then you need to update it as the developer has fixed the app to make this functionality work on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer too.

• Contact Numbers: All the contact numbers of your friends and relatives that are on your mobile can be seen with this Lazy-Droid. The app not only allows you to see the contact numbers but you can even delete or add them. The email-ids of the persons can also be added or removed.

• Shell: The phone shell can be directly accessed from the web.

• Web Server: You can host your website on your mobile.

• Taking Screenshots: You can take the screenshots of your Android smartphone with Remote View.

• Remote Controlling: The device can be controlled remotely.

• File Manager: You can browse to your device with file manager. It allows drag and drop functionality.

• SMS: Sms can be sent easily through web interface. The sending sms would be as easy as you send them from your mobile device.

• Sensor: There is a compass which, using Google Maps lets you know the position based on GPS or Network.

Download LazyDroid Android app

Download Lazy Droid



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