How to hack others Android mobiles private messages

Many-a-times we think that is there any way by which we can read the private sms of anyone. Here, anyone can be our personal friend, relative or any enemy. The reason that we need to read his/her personal messages can vary; if the person is any girl that you love but you fear to tell her about your feelings and you are also worried that the girl might not make any other boy as her friend then if you get anyway of knowing her mobile’s inbox then you can trap that which boy sent her love-sms. If we take another example just opposite to it, for example: any person is your enemy and you want to know if he/she is making any plot against you then again if you get credentials of his/her phone’s inbox then you can be in a very good situation. Third situation is for parents who want to know about their child’s daily activity that whether the child is involved in any wrong deed or not or the companions of the child are good or not.

Hacking mobile smses

We can’t say about other operating system phones but if your friend/enemy/child uses Android operating system phone then you can hack its smartphone and can read his/her all messages easily and the good is that he will not be aware of this thing.

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Hacking Android Mobiles

1. Download Sms Spy application. The application is very useful and it costs just 29.99 American dollars.

2. Install the application on the target phone.

3. One of the plus-points of this app is that if the target person tries to find this app in his list of apps then he will not see any extra application by the name of ‘Sms Spy’ as this is a widget and not any application.

4. Bring this widget on the main screen. You will see that the name of ‘Sms-Spy’ is been changed to ‘Android Service’. The reason for keeping this name is that the target person thinks it to be as any normal service of android os running and he is unable to determine it as any hacking service.

5. Click on the ‘Start Service’ widget key.

6. When starting it for the first time, you will be asked to setup your account. This is a one-time activity that you need to do.

7. Enter your any valid email address with password that you can remember easily.

8. Come out of the widget.

9. Close the widget.

10. Delete the widget.

11. The name of ‘Sms-Spy’ widget is been permanently fixed now to ‘Android-Service’.

12. If you will now click on the widget-key, you will see nothing is happening as your account is already attached to the phone of the person.

13. The spy service has now started on the target device. If the person now tries to uninstall it also then also he is unable to do this as he will think that ‘Android-Service’ is something official running from google. Only you know what it is and only you can uninstall it and not any other person :).

14. Go to Spy sms and enter the userid and password with which you registered in Step7.

15. You will see all the messages of your friend/enemy/child there. The app uploads the sms once in every 24 hours. Congrats :), you can now keep track and hack into anyone’s device easily.

Sms Spy Android app features

• Helps in misleading the persons on whose devices the sms-spy is installed.

• It is light in weight.

• It is so smart that it even escapes from the ‘Advanced Task-Killer’.

• It is a perfect tool for parents to check for their children activities.

• It is a perfect tool for husbands to check for their wives activities and for wives to have an eye on their husbands. It means it helps in divorce :).

• You will get emails of the smses uploaded on the sms-spy website on your email-id. If your device is powered-off then you will get the emails the next day.

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