Password Manager for Android Mobiles

If you store lot of passwords on your mobile phone then it would be best if you have any container for those that can manage them easily. Container I don’t mean here a bag or any vessel :). What I mean to say is that there should be an app that can keep all your important credentials.

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You might have seen some apps or again containers  that keeps and stores all your passwords on their servers. This is not secure and many of you will not like to keep your secret information on some other servers. Though the servers are secure and trustworthy but then also we are sharing our important data in this way.

It would be best if we can keep all our important login credentials on our own mobile. Also, keeping on your own phone allows you with many other options as well. And you will not require anything to upload on any server. You can export your all credentials so that it can act as a backup.

For this, vostdev has created an Android app by the name PassLock that stores the pass-codes by 256 bit AES. It also allows pass codes grouping.

Android Password Manager PassLock Features

1. Individual groups can be created for similar types of passwords.

2. The passwords can be shuffled from one group to another.

3. The passcodes database can be exported.

4. Pass-words can be imported.

5. If you think that someone has stolen your master and front pass-word then you can even change it to anything that you desire.
Password Manager for Android

But this app has a serious bug as of now. For some Android devices, you will see that as soon as you start entering your passwords, your device is suggesting and completing that credentials field. The developer has tried to fix it but still the bug is active on some Android phones.

Some users are even complaining of this app as it is not working on some phones like Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Thunderbolt, Notion Ink Adam Tablet etc.

It needs Android 2.3 and +. You can try if it works for you.

Download Android Password Manager PassLock

You can download it from Market.

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