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Here’s an app that helps you managing the movies on your Android tablets running HoneyComb. It is similar to as Xmbc or Boxee on the computer. Your favorite movies are recognized with the plot, title etc. using the Imdb.

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Mizuu makes a database locally on your Honeycomb tablet and stores all the data in that. This is again ideal during travel as accessing internet is not required anymore. Wherever you are, your whole movie-database or collection is with you.

It has a simple User Interface to use for, that allows you browsing the entire collection. You can highlight and run any desired movie just with a click.

The app is coded specially for the tablets and requires Android 3.0 and higher. There are 2 versions of the app – One as Lite Version that is free and the other is paid. The paid one costs just more than $1.
Android HoneyComb Movies App Mizuu

Mizuu Movies App features

• Searching

• Favorites

• Manual Overrides

• Trailers

• Settings

• Themes – But only paid version supports it. It’s not for free one.

• Supports English and Danish languages.

The developer wants it to be available in other languages of the world and is asking for the translators who can translate it to other languages. So, if you feel yourself as a good one, you can contact him.

The difference between the free and paid versions is that the paid has Theme support and also the free one is limited to just 8 movies.

The app supports various file formats like avi, divx, mov, moi, 3gp, aaf, mpg, wmv, mpeg etc. And if the file is in a format that is not supported natively by Android then you need a third party video player to view that.

Download Mizuu Lite App

Downloading link



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