Make self PirateBox for Safe and Secure Wireless File Sharing

PirateBox is a self contained file sharing equipment that covers some area with a network that helps in file sharing. This network is secure and trustworthy. You need not to login or register in this network and no logs are maintained. Users are kept secure.

Along with this, it is very easy to operate. Just turn it on and the space would be transformed into free network of file-sharing. Any of the other users that have wi-fi on his device can join this secure and safe network and can start chatting with the first user. Both of them can freely chat and can share the required files. The file can be of any format.

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Originally, Pirate-Box was developed by David Darts. David was inspired by Pirate Radio and the cultural movements. And so he made this equipment. Free, Libre and Open Source Software is used by Pirate Box for creating the mobile wireless communication.

Building Self PirateBox

• Rooted Android Phone

• SD Card

• Wireless Tether For Root Users App (WTFRUA) : This needs to be downloaded from Android Market

• PAW Server and Server text file [Download] . Comment below if you want in email from us.

• Battery Pack – This is optional

• Pirate LunchBox – Optional

Make self PirateBox

1. Install the WTFRUA app, which will establish the PirateBox Network.

2. Set the name to ‘PirateBox’ and the network as open.

3. Install Paw server.

4. On the root of your SD Card, make a folder by the name ‘piratebox’.

5. Start Tether app.

6. Start PAW server.

7. All done but yes we needs to test our wireless network now.

8. Upload any audio, video or any other type of file from another Wi-Fi enabled device.

9. That file should be uploaded to your ‘piratebox’ folder under the folder ‘html’.

10. If you see the file there then you have successfully established the network.

11. This is optional step. If you want that you should have the same replica of the original Pirate-Box then you should consider putting your device in the Pirate-Lunchbox with a battery-pack.

12. Please note that the above PAW server link also has a server.txt file, which is without 2MB limit. You need to rename the extension to xml and need to put it into ‘sdcard/paw/conf/server.xml’.
The developer has tested this on his Htc Hero Sprint. But ideally, any smartphone having root and Wi-Fi should suffice.

Working Logic of PAW Server
When the users are in the above wireless network, the PAW server starts serving the site. It uses the Bean-Shell code for this.

Pirate-Box Secure Wireless Network Video

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