Android in Space

Android is in space. Google sent its 7 Nexus S phones in the space.
These phones have Google’s Sky Map, Mobile Maps, Latitude, etc.

As per information given by Zi Wang of Google, Very useful data was collected by the payloads. Many of them were at good heights; the highest of them was at 107,375 ft. This height is 3 times to the height of an average commercial jet.

One of the payloads was also clocked at its fastest of 139 mph.
Google Android in Space

Zi Wang was able to determine the altitude of jet stream as 35,000 ft and speed as 130 mph.

From this, Google also concluded that Nexus S could even withstand temperature of -50 C.

This sending of Android in space was able to get following facts:
Max speed = 139 mph
Max ascent rate = 5.44 m/s
Average descent time = 34 minutes
Max altitude = 107,375 ft
Average flight duration = 2 hrs 40 mins

Please look at below 2 videos

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