Check Weather on Android phones – AIX weather Widget

AIX Weather Widget, released yesterday on March 23, 2011, shows the detailed forecast in 4×1 formats. It shows the temperature, clouds and rain. You can set the measurement units, either to Fahrenheit or Celsius, as per your wish. Unlike other weather widgets that show maximum and minimum temperatures with pictures of clouds or sun, the 4×1 Aix Weather Widget actually contains enough data for a full day. It shows the temperature for the whole day as a chart, with exact conditions marked by weather icons every 2 hours.

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The patterned rain bars shows the maximum amount of estimated rain, while the filled rain bars is the minimum amount of estimated rainfall. Each cell on the Y axis is 1 mm of rain.
AIX Weather Widget

Weather data is taken from Norwegian Meteorological Institute due to which the application will have a higher data resolution in Europe. However, it is made to work in any part of the world.

This is a free Android app released by Per Magnus Veierland.

NOTE: You need to add this app from Homescreen. It’s a widget and will not appear in your App Drawer.

Download and Install AIX Weather Widget


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