Top 5 Android Apps [Video]

Brandon Miniman of PocketNow has compiled the list of his favorite 5 Android Apps. The more good is that he has made a video of all these apps. As per him, these are the must apps for any Android device.

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Here’s the list of 5 apps that he has listed in his video:
1. Verizion FiOS DVR Manager : This is a free app that let’s you remotely manage your FiOS DVRs from anywhere in the world. Has great performance, and works almost instantly. Get this app at

2. Amazon :This is a free app by which you can quickly buy something from Amazon if you set up one-click. It also has a barcode scanning tool that is very accurate. Get this app at

3. : This is again a free app that let’s you benchmark your internet speed, whether you are over WiFi or Cellular data. Get it at

4. Words With Friends : This free app let’s you play a game of scrabble on your own terms. This app is both for Android and iOS devices. Download the app from

5. Droid Analytics : If you use Google Analytics for your website then you must have this app installed. This is a paid app that costs you around $1.50. Get it at

6. New York Times : I know the heading says 5 apps and this is 6th one. Actually, it’s a bonus app :). This is a free app with which you can see news from New York Times on your Android phones. Get this app at

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