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If you use an Android phone and play games or use apps on your phone then you must be feeling the need of a file manager or you might be using one. File Manager allows you to cut, copy, paste, move files or folders on your phone without the need of personal computer. The file manager is a replacement of your pc in this case. It saves you a lot of time and headache.

There are many file managers available in the market but I would personally recommend Astro File Manager.

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Astro File Manager Android

Features of ASTRO File Manager
• It can copy/move/rename/cut/paste all the files on your SD card. Not only with single files, but Astro also allows you to work with multiple files and directories at once.
• You can browse and create compressed files like tar and zip.
• It allows you to manage running apps. You can see all the running apps, processed and services through process manager. You can see the amount of CPU each one is using and you can stop/kill the service that you don’t want or the one which seems to use more resources.
• You can view thumbnails of any image in the directory. It also supports rotating and changing images.
• You can backup Android apps to your SD Card. You can also install and uninstall the apps. This is a again useful feature of this File Manager as you can uninstall and install less frequent used apps and free your phone’s memory. When you need them, you can install them easily through Astro.
• Send files as attachments. You can attach files and send them in your email. You can also send images to services such as Picasa.
• It is freeware.

Astro File Manager is free and its current version is 2.5.2. It requires Android 1.5 or higher.

Download Astro File Manager from Market or Appbrain


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