Hack Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon Accounts on Android Phones

The Firesheep guys have released their another major app for Android phones. The important feature of this app is that it allows you to hack anyone’s social bookmarking account. The app is currently able to steal the most popular Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Social Bookmarking channels credentials. Along with these, it can also hack Amazon.

The app works on the principle that when you visit any of the mentioned website, your login credentials are stored in a cookie. This app access this cookie, extracts the username and password. You can then log-in into the said service by using the same login information and can change the password. Thus the account is hacked.

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The limitation here is that it is able to store the login credentials only on the same WiFi and if WiFi is not using EAP. However, the developers claim that it should work over any private network, whether it’s WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, Open or WEP.
Faceniff Apk- Hacking Facebook on Android

Also, it allows you to hijack only 3 profiles for free. If you want it for more profiles, you need to pay (by the payment option that you will see after installing this app) and get your ‘Unlock Code’. You will get the code in your stated email.

To safeguard yourself from such fraudulent activities, you must check any website if it allows to use https instead of http. Using https, atleast on public networks safe-guards you to become a prey for such attacks.

Faceniff Apk Supported Web Services

• Twitter
• Facebook
• Youtube
• Amazon
• Nasza-Klasa

Download Faceniff App

You can download the latest version of this Android App used for Hacking directly at {Official Site}
Your Mobile Phone must be rooted for this to work.

Faceniff In Action Video

Check the video demonstrating Faceniff:


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