Privacy Protection App for Android Phones – LBE Privacy Guard

Some of you might be storing some secret data on your Android Mobiles and want some extra security on your smartphones. Then here’s a useful app for you.

Lamian has made an app LBE Privacy Guard that increases the permission system of your mobile phones and in turn protects your privacy.

LBE Privacy Guard works the same way as Windows UAC. It acts as a blocker in between the phone’s important functioning like to call or send SMS or when someone is requesting your secret information as for example, if some app or action is prompting you to request your contacts, SMS, IMSI, IMEI, your location etc.

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The app will not allow any third party to access your information unless and until you allow it. If you do not allow such actions and requests explicitly, they will be simply avoided. So, you are always safe as far as privacy is concerned.

Android Privacy App
LBE Privacy Guard

The app has also a low level firewall. It supports per app control like the droidwall but it doesn’t require any iptables or netfilter and so it works on pre-froyo devices. It is fast as compared to droidwall as it doesn’t filter the packets.

With this application, you get to know which third party software is trying to steal your personal data and once known, you can block it before it succeeds in its wrong works.

LBE Privacy Guard Requirements

• It needs a rooted Mobile
• Needs Anroid2.0 or higher.

It’s been tested on almost all firmwares versions except Android3.0 and 3.1.

LBE Privacy Guard Android App Features

• It blocks the unwanted and unsafely SMS and Calling operations.
• It blocks the unsafely access to phone’s location, IMEI, ICCID, IMSI, any contact or MMS/SMS stored.
• Has in built low-level firewall
• Does not require any iptables/netfilter.
• It works on pre-Froyo sets.
• You can check who is trying to steal your personal info by looking the security log.
• You can block the unwanted network traffic, incase you don’t have the unlimited internet plan and don’t want to increase the unnecessary internet usage.

Download LBE Privacy Guard
You can download this from Market Link

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