HTC Inspire 4G – Rooting & Flashing ROM

We are going to show here the complete process of Flashing ROM on your HTC Inspire 4G smartphone.

Rooting HTC Inspire 4G

1. Login to your Windows Computer as Administrator account.

2. Download the Complete Ace Hack Kit. The file is 328MB in size.

3. In the zip file, you will see an instruction html file by the name effen-manual.html, in which you will get the complete instructions to hack HTC Inspire Smartphone. We are also posting those instructions here but then also, open the html file too.

4. Make sure that your phone has required HTC Android Drivers installed.

5. HTC Sync should be turned off.

6. The above hack kit will contain the folders as gcimg, tools and romzip; and files as effen-manual.html, hack-ace.cmd and as shown in below image:

Rooting HTC Inspire
Root HTC Inspire

7. Open effen-manual.html file for all required instructions.

8. Boot your smartphone.

9. Turn on ‘USB Debugging’.

10. Make sure that you turn the phone into ‘Charge-Only Mode’ throughout the complete process.

11. Run hack-ace.cmd file.

12. Go to HTC Goldcard Generator. Type the SD Card Serial CID and click on ‘Generate GoldCard’ button.

13. You will get the goldcard.img file in your email.

14. On your computer, go to gcimage folder in the ace-hack-kit and put this goldcard.img file there.

15. Move the files to your phone.

16. Start temp root.

17. Write the goldcard image to your device’s SD card.

18. Restart the device in fastboot and erase the cache.

19. Start RUU process.

20. Flash the downgrade ROM.

21. Reboot the device.

22. Run through the setup and turn on ‘USB Debugging’.

23. Temproot again your smartphone. (Type exit and enter at # prompt).

24. Set Radio S-OFF

25. Set SuperCID

26. Remove the Carrier SIMLOCK

27. Install the Clockwork Mod recovery.

28. Root the mobile.

29. Install ROM Manager and Superuser.

30. Fix the sound.

31. Please make sure that still you have downgrade ROM and not the latest, but it complete functional at this point.

32. If you want, you can install your own radio now.

33. All supports at xda thread.

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Flashing ROM on HTC Inspire 4G

1. The first step is that you must have your ROM ready with you, that you want to be flashed.

2. Please make sure that you not unzip the ROM.

3. Copy the ROM to the root of your SD card.

4. Using Titanium Backup, Back up all your apps. The step only applies once you have Root.

5. Using ROM Manager, create a backup of your current ROM. The step applies only when you have Root.

6. You need to boot your device into Recovery now.

7. Go to Settings –> Applications and uncheck the FastBoot.

8. Switch your phone off.

9. Turn the device ON again by pressing Volume Down and Power buttons both at same time, till the h-boot menu appears.

10. Scroll down to the Recovery using Volume buttons.

11. Press Power to select.

12. Scroll down to Wipe data/Factory Reset using the Vol keys.

13. Select it by pressing the Power button.

14. Scroll down to ‘Yes-delete all user data’ and select it by Power key.

15. Scroll down to Advanced and select it with Power button.

16. Scroll to ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ and select it by pressing Power.

17. Go Back

18. Go to Install zip from SD card and by using Power key, select.

19. Select choose zip from SD card.

20. Scroll down and see the ROM that you want to flash. Select it by using Power key.

21. Select ‘Yes – Install (here will be name of rom)

22. Your ROM would start flashing now.

23. After flashing is complete, select ‘Reboot Now’ and reboot your smartphone.

24. Please note that if your smartphone keeps cycling the white screen, go back to Recovery, do full wipe and begin re-flashing rom.

via xda thread.


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