Google Page Rank Updated – April 2010

Google has updated its Page Rank. This time the google has thrown its anger on many blogs including mine blog too πŸ˜‰ . One of mine blog’s PR reduced to 2 from 3. A sad news for me πŸ˜‰ . Mine this blog also PR is still 0. Don’t remember if I have heard good news from any blogger for this PR update. Google has been very rude this time. It has ruined the hopes and expectations of many webmasters and bloggers. Many websites failed to met the expectations of Big G. Some were successful in retaining their old positions while some were thrashed. Some even were thrown to nowhere from 3-4 to 0 rank. Very harsh.

I expected a good pr this time. But next time I’ll definitely get a great jump πŸ™‚ . I know that you must be thinking that this I promised previously also. But this time yes, I want to be successful and I will J

One problem was that I was not so much able to concentrate on commenting on other sites especially do-follow ones and so, was not able to increase mine ranking. Now, I need to avoid this mistake.

Mine these posts would prove useful to you all including me πŸ™‚ to increase PR.
How To Increase Backlinks For A Blog
How To Increase Google Page Rank

I also want to focus my above articles in order to increase the ranking for my blogs as well.

Any good news for your blog regarding this Page Rank update?

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