How To Increase Google Page Rank

Blogging     29 October 2009     4 Comments

One of the easiest and simplest ways to increase Google Page Rank is to have linked your blog with other websites. The higher the number of reputed websites linking to your blog, higher is the chances of getting higher page rank. So, the bottom line is you should submit your links to as many sites as you can. But remember, not to submit the links to any fake site that is being penalized by Google, else Google can also trap you.

Obviously, you must follow other strategies too to improve your Google Page Rank. As a saying – ‘Content Is King’, write well and in your own words. But back linking plays a vital role. So, do focus on submitting your blog where you can get a link-love.

So, where is such a list of the sites to which you can submit your blog’s URL. For this, refer to my post How To Increase BackLinks for a blog. In this post, I have provided the list of 27 Do-Follow Social Book marking Sites. So when you submit your articles to these directories, not only you be getting a link back from them but also a good traffic.

Also, note one of my tips. Many people, especially the starter bloggers copy the content from here and there and then paste into their blogs. This they do to increase the number of articles and they think that if the number of articles will increase then the Search-Engines will more crawl their site and they will also get more visitors with this. But, I need to clear here that this thinking is absolutely wrong and the Search-Engines don’t like this copy-paste attitude.

Especially if I talk of Google (which is the biggest engine to send traffic to any site) doesn’t like it at any cost. Also, it has become harsher in this with its recent changes in the search algorithms. The Panda update sees and bans such copying websites at first go. So, the copy and paste attitude should be seriously avoided and at every cost.



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  1. Ricky says:

    Thanx for the info. I guess google has updated the PR. Any good news from ur side?

  2. Loans buzz says:

    thanks for sharing these 27 do-follow sites.

  3. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    where is the 27 do follow sites list.. ??

  4. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    oops got the list in that post..

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