How To Increase BackLinks for a blog

Increasing backlinks is one of the crucial tasks for any website or blog. No doubt, higher the number of backlinks for your blog, more is the love from Google. If there are good reputed websites linking you, you can increase your Google Page Rank very easily.

I am providing here the list of 27 DoFollow Social Bookmarking sites. Submit your posts to these sites and increase your page rank.

PR 8

PR 7
Mister Wong at

PR 6Backflip at
BibSonomy –
Diigo –
Spurl – link is
Furl : link at
Feedmarker and url as

PR 5
Connectedy : see at
myVmarks : It can be reached at
Health Ranker : Can be seen at
Jumptags – This is live at
Buddy Marks : At
linkaGoGo :
Spotback – Online at
IndianPad – Url is

PR 4
A1 Webmarks –
MyLinkVault, whose url is

PR 3
SyncOne : It can be accessed by opening the url

PR 2

PR 1

Update 20 August 2011:

Please note that the Page Ranks of these do-follow websites that I have mentioned above was at the time when I wrote this post. Now, the chances are that the Ranking of these directories might have increased or decreased. So, you should now check the ranks of all the sites before preceeding further and utilizing your hard work in submission of your blogs or websites articles.

So, you can categorize the above listed sites according to the correct ranks and we would appreciate if you could please comment here if there is any fluctuation in the ranks. And if fluctuation is present then you can please report the correct ranks as well.



  1. Thanx for the wonderful list 🙂 Bookmarked this page for the future use.

  2. I too tweeted it on my twitter account,its really a way for me to proceed ahead as a pro blogger.

  3. LonyAcconSync

    Hi guys,

    I know this might be a bit off topic but seeing that a bunch of you own websites, where would the best place be to host. Someone recommended I use Blue Host for $6.95 a month which seems like a great deal. Anyone here on using them?

  4. @LonyAcconSync: We at using Hostgator and also recommend you the same. You can get it at

  5. thanks for sharing, i’m looking for the ways how to increase the back links for my web sit, it is helpful to me.

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