HoneyComb – The Next Version of Android Platform

HoneyComb would be the next version of Android Platform. Google previewed Honey Comb, Android 3.0 at CES, Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

Honeycomb is designed for larger screen sizes devices, particularly for tablets. As per google, they have devoted their good time in refining the User Interface of honeycomb. They have taken special care of its UI.
Honeycomb Android Platform

Users would be able to see the existing functionalities of old Android on honeycomb, but with much more refinement.

Honeycomb would have all the below features:
* Elegant Notifications
* Multi-Tasking
* Redesigned Interactive Widgets
* Customized Home Screen
* Access to more than 100,000 Android market apps
* Improved Web-browsing with auto-fill options, tabbed browsing, incognito window, syncing with Chrome bookmarks
* Access to 3 million Google e-Books.
* Google Maps5 with 3D interactions and offline reliability
* GTalk, through which you can able to do video chat.

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