Install VLC Media Player for iPhone

VLC Media Player is one of the best media player software and the first choice of users.
Back, Apple removed VLC player from its App Store after VLC developers claimed copyright on it. Users who missed downloading the media software on their iPhones were very disappointed. But no worries now, as this app is now available for download on Cydia. Thanks to Ryan Petrich who hosted this app on Cydia.

How to Download VLC Media Player from Cydia and install on iPhones
1. Load Cydia
2. Tap Manage tab –> Sources –> Edit button –>Add button.
3. Type the following: as shown in image below:
Download VLC on iPhone
4. Tap Add Source
5. Install VLC Media Player.
Install VLC media player iOS

Now, you can play your favorite media files on it.


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