Improve your Sleeping Habits with Android app ElectricSleep

I think you might be surprised by reading the title of the post 🙂 .But yes, an XDA member, jondwillis has made an app ElectricSleep to control your sleep.

ElectricSleep is an alarm clock that records the sleep cycles of individuals and based on that, wakes you during a light sleep cycle. The information recorded by this app is analyzed so that you can understand it and improve your sleeping habits and control your sleep if you sleep too much or too less.

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Electric Sleep Android App

Features of Electric Sleep Android App

  • Its alarm wakes you gently during your light sleep.
  • It records and saves your sleep data.
  • It analyzes your sleeping trends (quality of sleep, duration, spikes etc.)
  • Based on some metrics, it also generates a Sleep Score for you and you can watch and analyze your daily sleep score that helps you in maintaining good sleeping habits.

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