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You are in an important meeting and in between the meeting; your phone rings because you have set some events on your Google Calendar at that time. All looks at you as an irritating member of the meeting and you also feel bad of the same and say Sorry to all. Assume again after 10 minutes, the phone rings again and again you need to feel sorry. But what if the ringing tone is converted into vibration just for meeting. I think that would be good. Isn’t it?

Busy Me is an Android app that solves your this problem. It converts the ringer tone to vibrate based on your Google Calendar events and returns the ringer to normal after that.

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Busy Me Android App

Features of Busy Me Android App

  • It checks your Google Calendar Events and sets the ringer to vibrate and returns the ringer in normal condition afterwards.
  • The Event Options available are Busy (default), All Day events, Available/Free, Events by keyword in title.
  • Based on keyword, it can ignore events.

The first time you create an event, the app sets it to ‘Busy’. You need to set it to ‘Available’ when you want to be reminded for any event. And by default, the app also searches events with ‘Show me as’ option set to ‘Busy’.

How to set Events to Available or Busy
There are 2 methods to do this:

1. First Method: From your PC (Works with all Devices)

  • Browse to Google Calendar.
  • Create a new event or edit the previous one.
  • You will see ‘Show me as’ option at the bottom.

2. Second Method: From your Device (This method does not work with HTC Devices)

  • Create a new event or edit the previous one.
  • Press Menu button –> Show more options
  • You will see ‘Show me as’ option.

Using ‘Use Keywords’ Feature

  • Add “#busy” anywhere in the Description field of your event.
  • Or, You can also add your own list of keywords to look for in the event’s Title (e.g., engineer, cricket, class, etc). You need to enter your keywords comma-separated and make sure that the keywords only contain numbers or letters.

Download Busy Me Android App from Market



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