[How To] Show Circular Battery Indicator on Android Phones

Do you wish to see your phone’s battery status in the notification bar of your phone. You can get some of the apk files on internet for this but they require your phone to be rooted and what if you don’t want to root your handset. Yes, you can see this status in the notification bar of your android device and that too without the need of any rooting.

XDA member irkan has developed an app CircularBatteryIndicator.apk that shows the Battery percentage without the need to root your device.
Circular Battery Indicator for Android Mobile

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Circular Battery Indicator apk Features

  • No need to root your phone. The apk file will not change any system file in framework-res.apk
  • No need to install any other ROM.
  • Lightweight on CPU
  • Does not consume much battery resources.

How Circular Battery Indicator App Works
Whenever the status of your handset’s battery changes, it sends a message. The code of this app hears this message and updates accordingly to show the correct percentage status.

The developer has tested this app on his Desire with stock Froyo 2.2.
Battery Indicator on HTC Desire

Download the apk file from here and install it on your handset. Comment here if you want the file in your email. There are 2 files, one which shows the battery percentage in white color and other shows in black color. You can download any one that you wish. The only difference between the 2 is just color. The black one can be used for phones having White Notification Bars such as Nexus One and the other one with phones having black Status bars.

Note: You cannot remove original battery icon on your device’s status bar without root privileges.

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk.

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