How to Install Apps without Android Market

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It’s very easy and straightforward to install apps on Android devices. Just go to Android Market, download and install the app. That’s it. But what if you want to install a newly released app or an app that is not available in the Android Market. In such a case, you need to manually download and install the .apk file on your device. But before installation of these .apk files, your phone must be able to install from ‘Unknown Sources‘.

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Here we are providing you the way to install an app on your phones without using the Market.
How to install Apps on Android phones without Android Market
1. Enable Unknown Sources
To do this, Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked ‘Unknown Sources‘.
Enable Unknown Sources

2. Install File Manager
Android phones, by default, do not provide any way to browse the data on your SD card. For this, you need to install a File Manager from the Market. Install ASTRO File Manager.
Astro File Manager

3. Copy .apk file to SD card
After installing Astro File Manager, connect your phone to your PC using USB cable. Mount SD card and copy the app’s .apk file that you want to install.

4. Install .apk
Navigate to.apk file using ASTRO File Manager on your device and select it. This will open a dialog box that will allow you to install the app. Select ‘Open App Manager‘.
App Manager

Select ‘Install‘ in the further steps to install the .apk
Android Installer

Swype Installer
You have your app installed now.



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  1. No need to add a gmail account to the phone THAT CANNOT BE REMOVED LATER

    99% less likely to encounter malware(adware)

    ALL adware is malware.

    Any app claiming to be free which shows interweb ads is NOT-free and has an intellectually dishonest developer

  2. bert says:

    Totally bullocks solution. Step 2: For this, you need to install a File Manager from the Market. We did not want to use the Market, remember?

  3. Dj soso says:

    This was verrrrry funny,
    we do not have Wifi and internet connection, and you say go to Market and get and install Astro file manager?!! ha ha
    how we can get and install Astro f.m. ??
    can you tell me please…

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