How to Enable DTS 3D Stereo Sound on LG V30 Variants

If you have updated your LG V30 mobile phone then you might have messed the working of DTS 3D stereo sound. This is not a mistake on your part but actually bug in the coding of LG mobile developers.

LG added some security patch in November 2018 and within this patch, they released some code changes for LG V30’s function DTS 3D stereo sound. They published the LG V30 changes even on their korean website as well. But in real sense, they messed DTS 3D sound on LG V30 smartphone.

After the updates, you cannot see DTS as a separate entity and even you cannot turn it as on or off. But thanks to XDA member Chazzmatt who has enabled DTS 3D stereo sound on LG V30 phone and has fixed it on all LG V30 variants, whether it is V30, V30+ or V30S.

Please note that as of now, it has found to be working only for US998 V30 firmware.

How to Enable DTS 3D Stereo sound on LG V30 variants
1. You must have US998 V30 firmware.

2. Your phone must have root access.

3. Go to Play Store and install Build Prop Editor.

4. Open the ‘Build Prop Editor’.

5. Go inside the ‘Edit’ mode.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the file. You will see some blank lines there.

7. Paste the below code there.

Enable DTS 3D sound on LG V30
Enable DTS 3D sound on LG V30

8. Save the entry.

9. Reboot your smartphone.

10. Go into Settings/Sound.

11. You will be able to see a new category there.

12. In place of Hi-Fi Quad DAC, you will see Sound Quality and Effects.

LG V30 DTS 3D sound
LG V30 DTS 3D sound

13. Go inside that.

14. You will see there new DTS and the existing settings of Hi-Fi Quad DAC.

15. Enjoy :).

Please note that the above trick is likely going to work only on US998 because the required DTS libraries are missing in other firmwares. You might see the DTS settings but it will not process due to the missing libraries.

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