How to control Performance Profiles on POCO F1 via Thermal Config Changer

Are you a proud owner of POCO F1 mobile phone? I know you would be in love with your phone but you might be missing the performance of MIUI. If you want to have the same super performance that you see on MIUI for games on custom ROMs then you can do that with Thermal Config Changer.

Control Performance Profile Poco F1
Control Performance Profile Poco F1

The Thermal Config Changer helps you in controlling the performance profiles on POCO F1.On MIUI, the value of /sys/class/thermal/thermal_message/sconfig changes automatically but it does not happen on custom ROMs.

In custom ROMs, the default value of sconfig is -1. The app Thermal Config Changer allows us to modify the value and set it to some predefined number. We can set it to some predefined values set by Xiaomi. Changing the value to some defined number gives us various performance profiles.

For example:
There is PUBG mode with value 13 for PUBG.

In MIUI, there is an automatic mechanism which detects the various states of the phone such as PUBG, opening the camera or Antutu etc. and changes the value accordingly as per the state. But the saddest part is that this automatic mechanism is missing in custom ROMs.

The Thermal Config Changer app adds this missing functionality in its own way.

How to control Performance Profiles on POCO F1
1. Download the Thermal Config Changer apk – version 2.1 or version 2.0. Though I have mentioned both versions here, but try installing with latest 2.1 version. If 2.1 does not work then try with 2.0.

2. Install the app. If you have previous version installed then make sure you uninstall it first.

3. Give permission of root.

4. You will see a dropdown where you are allowed to change the mode. Change the value from there.

Change Performance Profile Poco F1
Change Performance Profile Poco F1

Troubleshooting Tips
• If you see that after rebooting your POCO F1, the service fails to restart then in the battery settings, set the settings to Not optimized.

• If the app does not install on your phone or if you see the message can’t open application on your Pixel experience then try disabling Play Protect and install.

• In order to disable the Google Play Protect, open Play Store application and tap on Menu button.

• Select the option Play Protect.

• You need to disable the options Scan device for security threats.

• After installing it, check if it is opening or not. And if it is opening then re-enable it.

How to uninstall the app
• Before uninstalling the app, change the mode to DEFAULT.

• Uninstall the app.

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