Root LG Smart TV

How To Root LG Smart TV Running WebOS

In this article, we will show you the process to root your LG Smart TV

When we hear the term rooting then the first thing that comes in our mind is that rooting is always for mobiles. We know that we can root the smartphones or tablets. But have you ever thought of rooting a television?

First of all, people will think that what is the benefit of rooting a television and why I will root my LG Smart TV? Whatever is the reason, whether you want to root your LG television just for fun or want to install any app in it or want to watch anything as per your needs, but we will let you know here the process of rooting LG television running webos.

LG smart TVs run on WebOS. The webOS is an operating system which is based on Linux. In 2009, Palm coded it. HP saw scope in webos and so, it purchased it in 2011. Later on in 2013, LG purchased the webOS operating system and started configuring it in the projectors, refrigerators and televisions.

XDA developer Maroc-OS has released a tool known as GetMeIn that helps to root LG smart TV. The only condition is that your LG smart television should be running webOS version 3.5 or lesser.

If your webOS version is more than 3.5 then GetMeIn would not be able to jailbreak your LG television. So, unless you are not able to degrade your webOS to 3.5 or less, GetMeIn would be useless to you.

How to Root LG Smart TV

Let us check the partition file system types of LG on televisions:
• LG uses ext4 for writable partitions (/var, some of /mnt/lg/*, /home and /media).

• Everything else is using squashfs. It is a read only compressed filesystem and we cannot alter it.

If you are able to dump the partition squashfs, unshquash it and then recompress; then also it is not worth for you. Here, you will face issues of hashes and crc checks (for further details, you need to check out the update binary). It is not at all simple process. So let us see other way.

The other process is that we can modify the read write partitions of webOS. We will take the benefit of loopholes in WebOS. The loophole is the Developer Mode of WebOS. This mode is in read-write partition and so, it is easy for us to alter this read write partition.

The first thing is that we must have root access.

Now, you got the whole idea of inner framework of LG television and how to root LG smart TV then let us be practical so that we can root our LG smart television running webOS 3.5 or lower.

1. Download GetMeIn.

2. Upload the GetMeIn binary to your LG smart TV.

3. Run the below commands with prisoner user.

chmod +x GetMeIn

4. Reboot your LG smart TV.

5. Enjoy your rooted LG television with the same ssh key or try using password alpine.

Root LG Smart TV on WebOS
Root LG Smart TV on WebOS

More Information:
In order to use this webOS Jailbreak tool GetMeIn, you need to follow below steps:

• Please create a developer account on LG’s developer website.

• Install the developer mode app on your LG TV.

• Connect it with your developer account.

• Open the developer mode application.

• Set the Dev Mode status to ON.

• Set Key Server status to ON.

• Get your ssh key with ares and then you need to connect your LG smart TV using ssh. Code is below:
me@mac:~# ssh -i ~/.ssh/webOS_TV -p 9922

• After you are connected then you must follow the above steps to root LG smart TV via prisoner user.

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