How to increase Google Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Speed

The wireless charging speed is always slow as compared to charging with cable. Now-a-days, many Android OEMs such as Samsung are enabling the fast wireless charging in their mobile phones. If you are using Pixel Stand and other certified devices from Made for Google program then Pixel 3XL and Pixel 3 will charge at 10W. But if you are using non-certified Qi wireless charger then you will by default get only 750 mA charging.

Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Speed
Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Speed

Here, we are letting you know the simplest way to increase Google Pixel 3 Wireless Charging Speed. XDA senior developer k0rner has developed a mod and he confirmed that with this mod, he was able to increase the wireless charging power of his Google Pixel 3 to 1290 mA.

The wireless charging speed of Google Pixel 3 was increased by changing the value of control file at /sys/class/power_supply/wireless/voltage_max. The default value of voltage_max file is 5000000 (5V) and this can be altered to 9000000 (9V).

And if you alter this value of voltage_max then you can easily increase the wireless charging speed of Pixel3. The only thing that you have to take care is that you need to modify the value only when your device is charging wirelessly else you will not be able to alter the value as the voltage_max file is writable only when your device is wirelessly charging.


echo 9000000 > /sys/class/power_supply/wireless/voltage_max
# Now, check what we’ve got
grep . /sys/class/power_supply/wireless/voltage_*
voltage_now:8568000 # Means it has been raised by device

But please note that the voltage_max file reverts to its original state after charging gets over.

If you want to have your Google Pixel 3 wireless charging speed to remain increased permanently then you can do that with Advanced Charging Control of Magisk module. You need to add the below code to config file.


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