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Since the time Google has released its Google+ Project, a lot of buzz is going on it over the web. It is said that the Big G is targeting to give the biggest social bookmarking channel Facebook a tough competition with this launch. The company is describing it as real life sharing and as per the buzzs and hype going on; it is looking that if not much but atleast some market of facebook will be definitely acquired by this project.

More Apps,
* Managing Clipboard Contents
* Calibrating Phone Battery

Without any delay, the company has also launched the Mobile app for the same.

Please note that the project is still in development and the development team is testing it. Currently, it is only available with an invitation and without it; you will not be able to sign-in into it. But after the official testing is complete, it would be hopefully available for all the users.

Google+ Project App Features

• Huddle: It lets you to allow chatting with multiple persons at one time. You can just type to one person and the message will be sent to all of them. It is considered as like joining conference in Yahoo messenger.

• Circles: You can make groups in form of circles. This allows you sharing one item and message with your one group only and not on others. Example, you might like to reveal some information with your friends and not with your teachers and can be vice-versa too:)

• Stream: It lets you getting the updates from your nearby persons or from your friends and known people that you have added in the circles. You can know what is going on in and around your area. It’s just like the Twitter live-stream that gives you the real updates of your friends on your handset.

• Instant Uploading to Android: You can upload your any photo or video to your album in the cloud. After uploading the image, you can edit it and then start sharing it with all or just with some specific people.
Download Google Plus Project App

Download Google+ Project App for Android

The app is available for download at Market Link. It runs on Android 2.1 or higher. If you have the handset below 2.1 version then do not disappoint, please read below:). You know we are always with the complete information:).

Download Google+ App for iPhone

For Android Smartphones running Android 1.5+, the native app released will not work. But then also, you can access google plus in your set’s browser by going on to It works for Blackberry 6.0 and higher, iOS 3 and higher, iPad, Windows Mobile Os and Nokia’s Symbian operating systems. The native app for iPhone is soon coming and the development team is working on it.

You can also go to the mobile version by typing the url and clicking the ‘Send to Phone’ button.

Google Plus Project Videos

Plus Project Exploring Mobile

A Quick Look



Instant Upload

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