Root Mid Tablet aml8726 mx

If you are looking for rooting MID android phones then this tutorial might be useful to you. I know this is old tutorial and might not work for newer android versions but you might try and see if luck is with you 🙂
This tutorial will help you for rooting unbranded MID tablets with aml8726 mx.

The hack supports the below mentioned platform:
Android 4.0.4 ICS
Jelly Bean 4.1.1
• Ram of 1 GB
• Mali 400 GPU dual core
• CPU 1.5 GHz dual core Cortex A9
• AMlogic Meson 6 gxx costumer
• AMl 8726 MX system-on chip

And, aha, I forgot to mention that after a gap of many years, I am back here and from now onwards, will again start into working on my blog. Once again, I will be active and will share new stuff on Android; be it apps, be it hacking and rooting guides.

How to root unbranded Mid Tablet aml8726 mx Android ICS or JELLY Bean

So, let’s go to the steps which can help you to Root your Mid Tablet aml8726 mx
1. Download Crystal-root zip file from here and utoo-root signed zip file here.

2. Put any of the above downloaded zip file to your SD card’s root.

3. You have to reboot your device into recovery. You can do this by powering off your phone and then pressing the Power and Volume buttons together. You will see that your mobile has entered in recovery mode.

4. Using Volume keys, select the apply update from EXT.

5. Select the file, press the power button and run the file.

6. Finally, you have to restart your mobile device.

7. You will see your screen displaying as “Android is updating”.

8. After the loading is finished, go to the app drawer and search for SuperSu. It must be installed.

9. At last, you can see that your Mid Tablet aml8726 is rooted.

The original Crystalroot zipped file was created by Soulflier. But it was not working some newer versions of Android (which were having Ext4FS and not Ubifs). Then XDA member Lannig updated this Crystal zip file. He did this by editing the META-INF file of this Crystal-root zip. After editing the file, he re-compressed and resigned the file.

The above Crystal-root and utoo-root signed zip files are working on
• Viewsonic VB100a pro using 4.1.1
• Kyros Coby mid1060

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