Android GPS not working anymore – How to fix

This article is especially for the persons who are stuck with their Android smartphones and they don’t know that how to fix GPS issue in android. With the below method, you can speedup the satellite fix for Gps. Some people who followed this trick also found it increasing the reception. It means that they experienced the strong signals in all types of weathers whether it is cloudy, heavy rains, light rains. The signal remained strong whether you are in the basement of any building or you are on the top of fifteenth floor.

You need File Manager for this trick to work. Obviously, your smartphone must be rooted if you want to follow the below method.

So, please have the instructions below:

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1. First of all, you have to search for NTP server info. For this, head over to website

2. You will see a list of Active servers on the right hand side of the page.

3. Click your zone. As in my case, I clicked Asia.

4. For example, if one’s zone is Asia, then you need to write the NTP server as;;;

5. Choose your country. Since I am from India, I selected my country ‘India’.
The servers from your country will look something like:

6. Now when you have the required servers for your country, you need to edit them in the required files.

7. Copy the codes on a notepad.

8. Change the extension from txt to conf.

9. Copy it your mobile device.

10. Using any File Manager such as Root Explorer, copy at location /etc/gps.conf and replace with the existing file.

11. Using Root Explorer, open the gps.conf file for editing it.

12. In the below listed lines, change the region and country with the data that you got above. Please take a backup of this file first. If you have less number of servers then consider removing the extra server lines.

13. You will see that your new gps conf file will look as below:

Speed Satellite fix for GPS
Speeding Satellite GPS fix

14. In the above picture, the region represents any of the regions available such as Asia, Europe and Africa etc. The file permission should be rw-r–r-

15. Go to the Settings.

16. Turn on the ‘use GPS satellites’ and ‘Integrate Google Navigation’.

17. Restart the phone.

18. Download GPS status and Toolbox from Android Market.

19. Go to Tools –> Manage A-GPS state –> Reset.

20. Go to Tools –> Manage A-GPS state –> Download.
21. Restart the device.

22. For fixing the satellites, use the GPS status.

23. You will see that your phone’s satellite speed is fast now.

24. After you get a successful GPS lock, consider opening the GPS apps and then you can use it like normal (example: Sygic, Copilot or TomTom)

25. You should be aware that your GPS should be enabled before turning your smartphone off or on. Also, make sure that after this method, you do not use fasterfix else it will override all information in the gps conf file.
The above trick is been tested on HTC Desire HD and SGS 2 mobile phones.

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