[How To] track number of Missed Calls on Android Phones

Do you want to know the number of missed calls and unread sms at a glance without unlocking your phone. Then its good news for you. igeceLabs has released an app – Missed It for you.

Missed It Android App lets you know the number of missed calls, unread SMS and email easily as a text based notification widget.
Missed It Android App

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Features of Missed It

  • Reports the number of missed calls, unread SMS and messages on the main phone’s account (the Gmail account).
  • Customization of fonts, font faces (can use fonts that stored in external SD card), styles (bold, underline or italic), background color and transparency.
  • Layout customization (padding, alignments etc).
  • You can customize the text messages as per your desire text.
  • Represents numbers as text.
  • You can select the widget sizes that you want to see in the list from the multiple widget sizes.
  • Supports English and Spanish languages.

Missed It App requires Android 2.2 or higher. But the developer says that soon the app will start working on version 2.0 onwards.

Download Missed It Android App from Marketplace

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