How to Chat without Downloading The Messenger

It is common trend that most of the companies block yahoo messenger or google talk in their offices. But sometimes it becomes necessary for the persons to talk with others through these public messengers. But the question comes how it can be done?

How can they chat or use yahoo messenger or Google talk while it is being blocked in the offices. The situation usually comes with most of the persons and the same happened with me. But I got a solid solution to get rid from this problem. And I also want to share it with you.

You have to just open the website This is simply just a site but it is of a great use. Here you will find Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN, AIM all at one place. It means all messenging services at one place. Even you can also use your Facebook account or Skype through this site. The most important point to be noted here is that you can use Yahoo or Gtalk or MSN all (anyone) at one place and at one time. It means while chatting with yahoo contacts you can also sign in with your Gmail ID too. And all of your contacts will appear to you online or offline in same instant.

All Messengers At One Place

You have to just open the site And now if you want to use your Yahoo Messenger, sign in there with your Yahoo ID. After signing in there you will find an option “Sign into more accounts”. And now if you also want to use your GTalk then just click on that option and sign in with your Gmail ID. There you can also set your status as Available, Busy or Invisible.

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