How to Unfollow People on Twitter

Twitter, Facebook is the main source of visitor for our websites. Everyone wants to get follow back on twitter from whom you are following. But when I opened my twitter account I saw that I was following many people but only few of them were loving me back. Like I was liking near about 1000 peoples but only 300 were my followers.

But now the question comes as why I follow those who are not following me and how to discard my cheater partners on twitter. You can see the below steps to confirm whether the person you are following is referring back to you or not. To confirm just follow the below steps::
1) Open your twitter account.
2) There you will find the list with options Following, Followers and List. Click on your Following list.
3) Under the Action Tab click on the Star looking like button.
4) In the drop down button if you find Direct Messege option then the person is following you otherwise he is not your follower.

These steps are just to check and unfollow some persons. But what about when there are a number of persons. Then it’s obvious that you can’t check him or her account status by repeating the above 4 steps again and again for all of your friends. So, here I am giving you the way by which you can unfollow those persons with just one click as well as see whether he is your Twitter friend or not. This is very simple trick, just click on this UNFOLLOW TWITTER link. Login with your twitter account and enjoy the tweeting twittering.

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