5 Ecommerce Business Mistakes You Must Avoid For Your Startup

If you are planning to launch an ecommerce website, there are a lot of things you need to know. Just like it offers unlimited opportunities for anybody looking to make good profit, it can be very challenging as well. People make many significant mistakes when they start their ecommerce business. In this article, I am going to mention few such mistakes you must avoid for your startup ecommerce business:

1. Not Researching The Market Well
Before you select a niche, you need to have multiple options in hand and must collect market information for each niche. If you don’t research well about the niche you have chosen for your business, chances are you will face so many problems you many not ever thought of facing. Especially if a niche you choose has very high competition from giant ecommerce business, you are never going to compete with them. The ideal way to select a niche is finding a very low competitive niche with decent demand of the products in the market.

2. Rushing The Launch
When you are new, you would always want to see your ecommerce website go live. But you need to ensure that you have done everything right before you launch the site. The site needs to be well-designed, optimized for search engines, and mobile friendly as well. In a nutshell, the site needs to be user-friendly. These days a significant portion of customers order products using their mobile phones. So, mobile friendliness should be a top priority. The look and feel of the site should be attractive and likeable. When you deal with multiple suppliers, you need to make supplier invoicing easy and simple to run your business smoothly. There are so many important technical aspects that you must take care in order to make your business run efficiently. So, make sure everything is in place before the launch.

3. Not Making Good Use Of Social Media
These days there is hardly anybody who does not use social media. As people spend hours every day on social media, businesses are taking advantages by promoting their businesses on social media. If you are looking to increase brand awareness of your company, make sure you have social media pages for your business on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be active on social media, post about your products and services, and interact with customers or prospects. Have a decent budget for paid social media marketing all year around. Paid social media advertisement can be very effective way to reach more customers in a short time.

4. Not Doing SEO Right
No matter how many traffic you get from social media, you need traffic from search engines like Google. Organic traffic should be your ultimate goal and you must invest smartly to increase search engine visibility of your ecommerce website. Getting results from white hat SEO takes time. So, start with social media marketing and then slowly increase importance of SEO in your marketing and promotions.

5. Not Having Highly Helpful Customer Support
Customers may have a lots of questions and/or issues. So, you need to have a dedicated team of customer support staff to answer all their questions and solve issues. The goal should be to make the life easier for customers by enabling them to buy things they want to buy from your ecommerce website.

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