5 tips to improve your windows 10 Pc

Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, the internet has seen endless streams of windows 10 tips and reviews. Customer response with regards to the product has been tremendous. The new OS has been built for speed and performance but there are a few simple tweaks that can make a significant alter your systems outlook and performance.

Remove unnecessary gadgets from the desktop
Most windows users have gotten into the habit of adding a couple of handy gadgets to give the desktop a more luxurious look. Some of these mini tools come in handy by proving fast information and easy access to other programs. But what people don’t realize is that any gadget on the windows desktop slowly diminishes speedy performance. Always remove unnecessary gadgets you don’t need.

Clear temporary and recent files regularly
As you use your PC, you’re going to build up unnecessary programs, or traces of apps and programs you use on windows 10. All actions are saved in the Temp and recent files. Information saved in these files, eats up you drive space hence slowing down your computer if you don’t get rid of them. The idea is to get rid of any traces of old, or unused programs not to mention stuff that boots up when you start your PC that you rarely, if ever use. You can free up your memory by not booting such programs at all.

Fortunately, there are plenty of quality third party software that can help you free up space for faster performance. Disk cleanup software can be useful when it comes to demolishing temporary files, emptying the recycle bin and removing system junk.

Windows 10 also sports a new notification center that gives you an overview of updates, new mail, plugged in devices and more. This area can get busy and quickly crowded, contributing to faster battery drain and slower performance. It’s advisable to limit notifications by changing the settings.

Use the start screen
If you are an avid windows 8 user, then it’s easy to understand why the start screen makes things a lot easier. Getting the start screen on windows 10 is a bit different. Go to Settings>Personalization>Use Start full screen and slide the option to On. The windows 10 start screen is more like the traditional Start Menu as seen on versions of windows prior to windows 8, stretched out into your full screen. Apps are no longer displayed on a full screen view so you may need to add more live tiles. Alternatively, clicking on the “All apps” icon opens up a Start menu with a list of all your installed apps.

Power options
The Power Options feature in windows 10 is indispensible. There are various options to choose when tweaking this feature. Choosing the High Performance option guarantees peak performance but at the expense of more power consumption. Launch the Control Panel, click the Power Options feature and select the High Performance option.

Match your colors
Improving how your start menu, action center and taskbar look can go a long way in improving the overall look of your device. For those who appreciate the value of better display, you can go about this in two ways. First, change the color of the aforementioned items to match your wallpaper so it can give the impression of a transparent background. Simply go to Settings>Personalization>Colors. Under the option “Choose a color” switch two sliders to On:” Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent and “Show color on Start, taskbar and action center.” You can choose one or both of the features depending on taste and preference.

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