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We all like to hear music. Today’s youth is tilting more and more towards fun i.e., songs and movies. Not only youth, but I would say even children and old-aged love sweet melodies so much that wherever they are, they just to listen the rhythms. Music is becoming everybody’s part of day-to-day living.

People watch movies and songs on television, cinemas and on their personal computers. On a computer, if you want the song to be listened by only your ears then either you lower the volume to minimum or put-on your headphones.

But the problem with these audio equipments is that if they are not of good quality material then they can put an effect on your ears too. So, whenever you opt for such earlids, go for good branded ones only like those from Sony.

Sony head-phones have a name in market. Also, the manufacturer has been using the quality material in its products so that there is no compromise with your overall health.

The listening sets from the company come in various models and colors. Whether you are surfing internet from your Internet Explorer in Windows or watching a movie online on your mac or troubleshooting with your linux machine, you will always find yourself happy and jolly with your quality branded headsets.

If you are really a music-goer then you know how terrible it is to hear the painful sounds sometimes. Sony’s earsets are very well tested by the company and they can even dilute the outside jingling bells sound, while they are on their work. You can put them on your ears and can have fun without any hassles.

So, let’s focus on basic qualities of earphones.

Qualities of a good Headset

1. It should have a pleasant sound experience.

2. It should not drain away just after few months. It means that it should last long.

3. It should be proper balanced to your ears.

4. It should not be risky for the ears and health, overall.

Sony headsets possess all the above qualities. Also, they are very much light-weight, easy to carry and can be plugged into any input device. The company has added an extra feature to MDR-1 Headphones for the gym-goers and sportsmen. These sets contain a fitting range so that your exercise and sports are not disturbed and you get more thrilling experience than before. These products are being developed with the help of artists Magnetic Man, Naweed Admed and Katy B.

The company’s all types of Headphones can be compared online.

Sony Earphones categorization

You can categorize all Sony ear-phones by their usage-type such as Daily usage, travel, TV, dj or exercise. These sets can be divided in to 3 types such as ear-buds, in-ear monitor and over-ear. The style-types are band on neck or head, clip-on and without band. There are various colors to select from. The features vary with prices.

Mdr-1rnc, Mdr-1rbt and Mdr-1r models are being considered as the science-sound. There are various other Mdr series also available such as Nc500d, S6500, Xb910, Nc200d, Xb800, Nc100dw, Ma500 etc. Model Rf865rk is wireless system and it allows you to listen clearly upto 100m. The battery life of this set is near about 25 hours. The only thing that you can complain about this headset is that sometimes, you might feel it bulky. Apart from this, the price quoted is fine as per its features are concerned.

As400ip is new model and is good for gym-persons as it will stick to your ears irrespective of any exercise. Zx700 is almost 250 gms and it prevents you listening background noises while it is on. But while it comes to compare it with open-back cans, you can prefer open-back cans if you are alone in the room. But again, its ones choice.

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