Come To Know About Your Weather Conditions

Overview Of 1 Weather

Present in the Google Play Store the app 1 Weather from One Louder is a perfect software that is always ready to inform its users about the weather conditions present today and even in the next few days, just select the city about which you want to get information about and leave the rest to this wonderful app and you will be amazed how much detail you will get about the climatic and weather conditions in the area of your choice. The software also has the ability to auto detect your current location and display all the relevant information about that.

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Status on Google Play

The app falls under the free apps category on the Google Play Store and currently is the highest rated weather related application in the Store. It currently maintains a user review rate of 4.6 with over 72,100 ratings. The latest version of the app is the 2.1.4. In the Play Store it has been put under the low maturity content rating.


It’s an amazing app, there is no doubt about that, still it is just 5.4 Megabytes in size and runs on all Android devices that have Android 2.2 and above operating systems.


The app presents a perfect scenic view in black colour by default, where you can see clouds, moisture and sun according to the current weather conditions of your area. Also present on this screen is the current temperature in degree Celsius with the highest and the lowest temperature for the day. On the bottom of the current screen you can see the humidity, precipitation and wind where as on the top left side of the display the current location is displayed, below which the date is shown.

On dragging the screen to the left, the hourly forecast appears. Now you can take a look at a list of temperatures that are being shown according to the time, in front of which the precipitation rate is shown. The classy design and elegant graphics make the app even more beautiful. The sun, moon, dew drops and umbrellas present in the app make it quite attractive. Moreover the user has choice of themes from which he can set whatever he likes. All these features are present in the free version.

On further dragging the screen to the left the 36 hour forecast, precipitation rate for the whole week, your current location on a map and the sunrise and sunset timings can be observed. The app provides information about the lunar phase too.



The pros of the app are way too many. It is free, user friendly and quite compact in size moreover it allows its features to almost all the Android users as it doesn’t have requirements that are hard to be met. The beautiful graphics and the lovely animations also add to the beauty of the app.


Like all other Android apps, 1 Weather is also present on the Google Play Store and can be searched in the free apps category. So go ahead and enjoy while keeping track of your current weather conditions with the 1 Weather app.

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