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Unauthorized Application Downloads

Recently a new buzz is surfing up. IT professional are showing less awareness, regarding some issues. You must be wanting to know those issues. Well what exactly is happening is , that there are unauthorized  application downloads on certain networks. This study was basically conducted in Orlando. It is assumed that about 1000 IT professionals have these illegal downloads on their system. The ridiculous thing is that the IT professionals , who are facing this download threat , hold really eminent positions in their company. However this study gives us an insight into their lack of awareness, which can actually cause serious danger to the network.

unauthorized downloadThese illegal applications are so powerful, that they can easily penetrate into the system and spell disaster. The percentage of the survey is about 76%, which reveals that there is no awareness  regarding these downloads. The cause is being described as the administrative rights, that have lavishly been given to the users. Obviously if administrative rights are given so easily to the users, such issues are bound to rise up. It is definitely  wakeup time for the authorities, who seem to be taking things a bit too easy. The other issue, which has led to this dangerous threat is, that young workers are demanding more administrative rights on corporate PCs. This perhaps is the root cause of the problem. They have frequent reports about network infection , say about 40%. However the demand for administrative rights has risen to 80%. An IT professional  has  clear cut knowledge about administrative rights and they definitely understand the hazards of assigning administrative rights to a vast majority. However it is definitely hard to understand , why this issue is being taken a bit too lightly. When there is complete awareness that the results can be destructive.

It is time that these IT professionals realize their responsibility. Administrative rights are no child’s play. If administrative rights could have been given so easily, everyone would be controlling the system. It is a common quote that too many cooks spoil the broth.

Too many people controlling a network, means the network finished. It is time to take some action before things really get out of hand. It is good to take your team together, but assigning equivalent powers to everyone is definitely not a smart idea. Therefore It is time for the authorities to get back into action and stop what should not be done.

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