Android tablet for kids

Android tablet for kids

Android has found immense popularity in every part of the world. Well now it is paving its path in a new avenue. The avenue is the world of kids. After all the best customers are the kids, because if they like anything, they become ardent buyers. Keeping this aspect in view Android has got something new to offer.  Toys “R” us is a very famous toy store for kids. It sells all kinds of popular toys, video games etc. You name it, they have it. Now this store has some new plans. They  have now put their footsteps in the techno world. They will actually be selling their first electronic device known as Tabeo tablet. The underlying technologies are Ice Cream and Sandwich, which are powered by Android.

Android tablet for kidsThis tablet has a size of 7 inches. It provides the multi-touch facility. This Wi-Fi tablet has a lot of entertaining applications for kids. It would not be wrong to say, that the number of applications is about 50. All these applications are carefully designed, keeping a child’s psyche into consideration. The main purpose is, that the children should learn to explore the internet. The best part of this Tabeo tablet is, that it offers parental controls. Customization facility is offered for every user. Using the parental controls, the parents can monitor the activity of their kids, to ensure that the Tabeo tablet is not being misused. The vice president of Toy “R” us  was of the opinion that the Tabeo tablet was designed, after acquiring the requirements from parents and even children. The purpose of acquiring the requirements was, to facilitate the user with features , that cater their needs. Since the tabeo tablet has been designed keeping the children into consideration, it is hoped, that it would be greatly admired and liked.

This tablet will definitely open a new avenue for Android. If this product goes well, android can think about having more products for kids. This also reveals one more fact, that Android has been exploring all fields, when it comes to having a better reputation and sale of products. This tablet, which has been introduced for kids, is definitely a treat for them. The best part is, that the children can learn a lot from this process. They will get an in depth understanding of internet, which can prove to be pretty useful for them. Great going on the part of Android.

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