Web-Based Software – Marketplace for Web Apps [Review]

I was just surfing the internet when I saw the Web-Based Software online directory that contains the softwares and tools for the Project Management. The website claims itself to be one stop marketplace for the web apps. Its directory is so strong that it contains almost all the required tools.

You might have seen some other such directories also but this is somewhat different from them in the sense that it also provides the reviews written by their experts.
Marketplace for Web Apps

They have divided the softwares in the 10 categories. The categories are listed below:
1. Project Management
The company’s area of main focus is Project Management. It is to plan, organize and manage the resources to bring the completion of the objectives of a project. It helps the team to achieve this target. Some of the featured projects under this category are:
• Ace Project
• iManageProject
• Celoxis
• Team Desk
• Atview
• Fluff Less
• Blue Camroo
• BuildScope

2. Document Management
It involves managing the documents i.e., to store and track them electronically. The docs can be files or images etc. It helps in the versioning.

3. CRM, Help Desk and Call centres
These units tackle the customers’ queries and provide them the required information that is for the benefits of all. The information can also be for the sales and marketing purpose.

4. Calendars & Event Scheduling
The calendar is used to organize the days for religious, social, administrative or commercial purposes. It helps the companies for scheduling the activities and inviting the people to participate in those scheduled activities.

5. Finance & Accounting
These help to track the money exchanged between the two parties. The two parties can be the employer (the purchaser) and the employee (the supplier). The exchanging of money can be for the services offered or for any items purchased. Here, the dealing is with the billing and accounting etc.

6. Time Tracking
The Time sheets are for recording the actual time spent on completing a task or a project. These also the break-down of the time spent in doing each of the modules individually.

7. Issue & Bug Tracking
The Issue Tracking helps the developers and testers to keep the track of bugs encountered in the system or their application.

8. Social Networking
It involves communicating via the online social bookmarking channels.

9. Human Resource Management
This HR is termed as the root of any company or organization as it involves dealing and managing the most important resource i.e., the human resources. It is human-beings only that work the most and who make the actual profits to any system. Without humans, no machine can work and no company or infact no country can progress. It doesn’t matter if one unit is mechanized but the human-touch is always required everywhere.

10. Training & e-Learning
The both Training and E-Learning is to transfer the one’s own knowledge to other, just the difference between both of them is that in the former one, the learner sees the face of instructor and in latter is without face interaction.

So, basically the company is a Project management Software.

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