How to update Windows phone 7 to include Copy – Paste functionality

Microsoft has brought the new functionality of Copy-Paste in its new update for its Windows Phone 7 users. The update, along with the much awaited Copy-Paste functionality, brings many other enhancements too. This is not the first update to the phone but the major update, mainly due to the Copy & Paste feature. Many users of Windows phone smart phones were waiting for Microsoft to release this new update. You should seriously think of updating your smartphone as with this new version, you will be getting some new feature in your handset. You will like this new feature a lot.

We are showing here demo video of Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste. The video is taken with the updated emulator tools. It’s quite simple. Just tap text, select the text that you want and hit the little copy button pop-up. The next time when you are in text field, you will get a new icon above the keyboard that lets you paste.

As per official Microsoft team, the update would soon be pushed to all its WP7 users. All users would be informed automatically on the new update and then they can install it on their phones. Users can also manually update their phone.

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How to manually update Windows Phone 7 devices

1. Go through Start.

2. Flick left to the App list.

3. Hit Settings –> Phone update.

While the handset is connected to a desktop PC,
1. Go through Start.

2. Zune –> Settings –> Phone –> Update.

As per the announcement done by Microsoft,

Connector of WP7 and Zune will try to take a backup of your data to your computer and so, you should know that how much space the data is using on the device.

NOTE: Make sure that throughout the update, your device is connected to desktop computer with the help of a USB cable. This condition is mandatory as failing this, can lead you into troubles.

Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Demo Video

Please see the below demo video:

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