Best Voice Assistant Apps in Android Market

Best Voice Assistant Apps in Android Market

As many of you know (and many of you don’t like it), Siri technology is quite impressive. Siri has some pretty good uses as well as some failures. But good uses dominate over it. There are users who do not prefer iPhone over Android phones and are really keen to use such an app in their smartphones. Here are some of the related apps that I have compiled for all the Android users out there so that they can enjoy the voice recognition functionality.

Best Voice Assistant Apps in Android Market

AIVC (Alice)

AIVC or abbreviated as Artificial Intelligence Voice Control is one of the best voice recognition apps present in the Android Market. The Team behind this app has struggled day and night to make this app your best friend in your phone. There are a huge amount of commands that this app can respond to. The free version of this app is also available but you can get access to some of the additional features after you have purchased the pro version. These features include Calendar, Play Music, wake up mode and dialogue mode etc. The best feature that I found in the Pro version is TV-Receiver control. You can check the app out by yourself. Get the free version, try it and if you find it great, get the pro.

Eva and Evan Virtual Assistants

Eva and Evan Virtual assistants are there individually in the Play Store. The app costs $9.99, a bit pricey but you will not regret after purchasing its full version as it is amongst the top voice assistant apps available. You can open your apps, read and write text messages, send an email or schedule calendar events by your voice. These features are not enough but there are many others that you’ll enjoy after getting this app in your cellphone. The impressive and unique feature in this app is the location based Reminders. It will remind you to do something based on the location you are currently at. You can activate the app by just shaking your phone. As the money is no-refundable, I suggest you try it first.

Skyvi (Siri for Android)

The app is also falls in the best voice assistant apps category.  Hard work has been done in making this app and the team is in struggle to make it better then Siri. You can voice text, get directions, call your friends, play music, know local weather and time, tweet and update status on Facebook with voice and there are a lot of other features included within the app.

Skyvi is available for free. Get it. Check it. Enjoy!

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