How To Know when an article is submitted on Mixx

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Mixx is a social bookmarking site. Articles submitted on mixx can bring a good amount of traffic to your blog. If an article is shared by many users, it gets more love.

But what if you want to check the number of times the articles of your blog are shared on mix and that too which articles are shared.

Knowing this is a simple process.


Enter your domain name in search box and hit search button

Eg. If your domain is then enter and click search button.

You will get all the information of the articles shared long with the number of times the article shared on mixx and by whom.

Not only for just your blog, you can follow the same method for any blog you want to know.

So, the above process can tell you about the articles of your blog that are gaining love and attraction on this social networking channel.

Please note that Mixx is not so popular as Twitter and Facebook. We can say Facebook and Twitter as big boys and so we should not compare anything with them. But leaving some of these known and branded names, this proves useful in giving good traffic to the blogs and websites.

And, my above way of knowing your submitted posts also help you in case someone gives you a false assurance that he/she has submitted your article to this site.

The process explained above is simple but manually requires you to enter the site’s URL every time. But then also it is not so typical.

Another advantage of the above method is that you can check anyone’s (probably, your competitor’s website) popularity and can plan accordingly if you want to have this Mixx icon or not on your website. If all your competitors are not getting any links on this site and they have the script of mixx installed on their blogs then you can remove the similar script as it will not benefit to you and your audience. Removing the script will just save google from downloading some extra bytes and you can get Page Loading time Improvement, but just a little :).

So, the above explained process enables you to get knowledge of all the factors.



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