Android Bluetooth Apps

5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android

Bluetooth is only wireless media which has impressed and attracted mobile users too much towards wireless technology and advancements. There are lots of applications being developed for mobile users especially for Android users who can make best use of them anytime they wish. They may find something unique and new in them and these all applications provide awesome results. All of them work with Bluetooth for sure but few of them may need some Bluetooth device to connect to their phones for better optimization results. Users fall in love with Bluetooth because it has become a basic need nowadays.Bluetooth usage has caused lot of ease for mobile users and they feel free to share their personal data among themselves effortlessly. Data may be anything i.e. documents, images, videos, movies, and much more. Let us have a quick look at all applications being designed and developed especially for Android users.

Android Bluetooth Apps
Android Bluetooth Apps

DigiMemo Express

One of the coolest applications of Android being ever developed and used is DigiMemo. In early days, everyone was much concerned about writing and jotting down notes and then sending them by hand. This was really something hectic for users. Now, Android has made all things easier for everyone. This is because users can now share all sort of data through a single MMS using Digi Memo Express application of Android. It lets you share written notes, drawings, formulas, schematics, illustrations, diagrams, and lot more stuff through e-mail or MMS from your smartphones. It also provides users with multilingual support.

Bluetooth File Transfer

Each of us is well aware of Bluetooth file transfer and this coolest application lets you share anything you desire. It may include any data, image, photo, image, video, and lot more. Moreover, you can send any contact’s information, business card, and much relevant stuff through this application. This is totally free and costs you nothing for sure.

DroidCamX Wireless Webcam Pro

This amazing application lets you convert your personal Android device into camera or webcam. It provides you with high-resolution videos, movies, photos, images, and lot more. Users can even log onto Skype, msn, yahoo, and lots of other networks. Its widely available for free for Android users.

Bluetooth Explorer Lite

This application is widely available in paid versions and free versions. In free versions, users are going to have minimum features. It lets you share all data via Bluetooth and you can manage all your files and panels. This uses FTP protocol for better uploading and downloading of files.

Bluetooth GPS

Combination of Bluetooth and GPS has been made in this application by developers and this provided users with awesome results. Users not only share their personal data but also share their locations and places. This application provides users with fantastic features and results and they experience good outcomes in it. Bluetooth GPS application traces users location using satellite and places it in three various common modes.


BlueMuze is considered best in Android market for best transfer of music files and features. Users can share their data and information through this wide application and music files whether audio or video are being manipulated by users via this application.

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