Android Keyboard Apps

Let Us Have a Discussion Regarding Android Keyboards

Everything created by God has some significance for sure. Nothing is complete without its pre-requisites. By Pre-requisites I mean that one needs to fill all previous goals to achieve future best results. Suppose, you purchase a new CPU. Can you run this CPU without monitor, keyboard, mouse etc? Certainly not. These devices are called pre-requisites because their combination makes up a complete computer system. What I am trying to clarify is that everything is of its own importance. Same goes for keyboard. It helps in typing and if you don’t install or plug it, you can’t use your PC (except you are not an expert of on-screen keyboard).Till now, I discussed importance of keyboard with reference to computer system but now I shall discuss about mobile phones especially Android devices. Keyboards for Android devices are designed in such a way that they provide an awesome interface to users and most of them follow QWERTY arrangement. They are smart, easy to use, fast, reliable, cost-effective, and highly ranked keyboards and are more demanding. Let us discuss few of them.

Android Keyboard Apps
Android Keyboard Apps

SwiftKey Beta: Multi-lingual Uproar!

Once you get Android device, you would notice that there will be a keyboard having support of infinite languages. This uses awesome technological features and predicts each word itself. They are precise, accurate, smart, and easy to use. It also lets users have options and suggestions for each word they wish to type.

Better Keyboard: It Couldn’t Have Been ‘Better’!

No keyboard is better than better keyboard. This is because of features that it provides like fat speed, updates, voice input, speech, dictionary, and much more.

Smart Keyboard Pro: Landscape Texting Simplified!

Lots of users love to type in landscape. Android developers have developed special keyboards for those users who love to type in landscape mode. To use this feature, users deploy smart keyboard pro in their devices. This provides fast typing, texting, and spell-checking.

Swype Keyboard: Stop Typing, Go Swyping!

The fastest ever keyboard ever being designed by developers in IT market is Swype. This is because of its awesome typing speed and texting and due its fame and performance; it is ranked at highest number and has obtained its name in the list of Guinness Book of World’s Record.

HTC_IME Keyboard: Your Personal Word-Web!

This keyboard is really awesome and types words before you. It provides best suggestions.

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