Productivity Uplift by Android Applications

The word productivity is different in meaning with respect to each person. Some people call it a proper tracking of regular bills and few call it taking of notes. In my opinion, productivity applications are those useful applications which let you produce something good and you can have desired outcomes from anywhere i.e. home, office etc. Let us have a quick look at few of productivity applications being developed for Android devices.


If you are lover of twitter I would recommend you to have Twidroid on your personal Android device. It is exactly same as original twitter in interface and settings and is highly ranked by users. Lots of options like bookmarking, URL shortening, retweeting, tweeting, messaging status-updating, multi-account functioning, following, and much more exist in this unique application.

Barcode Scanner

The most common and widely used application is barcode scanner. It not only scans products’ codes but also provides all details, specifications, cost estimations, prices, and lot more. It is widely available in Android market and is used all over the world by Android users. I would recommend you to use this application especially when you decide to go for shopping. It depends on you but you must try it once at least. I assure you, it won’t make you down ever.

Any Cut

Any cut is splendid application as it provides shortcuts for your device. You dint need to navigate whole menu all the time. This lets you edit, create, and manage tasks, notes, entries, calendar data, and much more stuff by a single click.

Google Shopper

Perhaps the best Google app for the Nexus One made to date, Shopper lets you scan barcodes of products and then automatically search for related information about the products, including prices, reviews, recommendations, and ratings. It’s a fast and easy way of shopping for any items with QR Codes or Barcodes.

ASTRO File Manager

It lets you manage files as per your needs. You can perform any functions at your files i.e. copy, paste, move, and much more.

Handcent SMS

Handcent application is one of those awesome applications which are easy to use and understand. It has gained top ranking in must-have android applications. It provides users with splendid SMS interface and advanced features. They may include SMS, notifications, pop-ups, spell-checks, pre-typing of words, deletions, and lot more.


Most of people love to travel at various places. For this, they need some sort of interpreter to make language and communication easier. This application is going to help them a lot in this case. This is because this provides them with desired language translations as per their needs.

WordPress for Android

Who doesn’t know wordpress? It’s an awesome and unique platform for blogging. It lets you create new pages, approve comments, view statistics, and lot more. One more important thing is that it lets you anchor your text and allows proper attributes, and cancels all those accounts which provide copied stuff. If you want to enjoy lot more options, do use it at your personal Android device.

AK Notepad

Notepad has become a basic need nowadays for users. Especially when we talk about mobile users, nobody can deny its importance. Notepad applications are being designed by Android developers for ease of users and are simply awesome. AK Notepad is also one of them. It provides users with best formatting and editing features and users love using it.

EZ Task Manager

It’s exactly like a task manager of PC. It lets you see all you’re running of programs and applications i.e. multi-sharing, RAM, CPU, iOS, multi-programming, and lot more.

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