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Amazing Android Apps for Crazy Music Fans

These days due to more unfasten and custom-make feature of Android, it is used and loved by a large number of community. Due to the presence of great number of applications on iTune, iOS is gaining day by day greater market share in comparison to its outstanding competitors. More interestingly, the majority of the applications are offered free by Android in contrast to iOS for which the users have to pay a handsome amount.

Sometimes when you are bored of your monotonous and hectic routine and you want to mingle, dance and relax with your favorite hip hop songs then the android music applications are definitely the best choice to relish. Below mentioned android applications are the top loved apps by all the craziest music fans.

Tune In

Tune InOne of the exciting applications that connects you across the world and keeps you connected 24/7 while getting you in touch with the music, latest news and wonderful radio stations. It is in fact the power of all the android music apps which has a great magical spell over the users. You can enjoy not only the  flavor of various international radio stations, but also the charismatic effect of different entertaining programs access over the network through Tune In.

Sound Cloud

It is another famous app which is recognized as a world renowned music android application these days. It is a platform over which you can share and exchange good quality music. It is a mean to discover new talent and introduce the novice artists in the music industry. One pretty feature is that it allows the users to upload their favorite music on the mentioned app’s account while recording it either by Smartphone or any other android device.


The best part about Shazam is the convenience it gives to its music lovers. It assists you to make out the songs fast. You can well out the song lyrics and purchase your most wanted music collection. The excessive traffic flow  over the social media network creates a demands to keep yourself  in contact all time and every time therefore this app has a unique feature of sharing your music online on any social networking site like Face book, Twitter etc.

Sound Hound

Many of us have been in a situation when we listen to the melodious songs over the radio or any other network but find our self completely helpless to judge the name of the artist ,but sound Hound   is  a wonderful app which lets you to recognize the even most mysterious music and cryptic tunes and actually  hounds for the audio. It explores its data base completely and keys out the song. Extra information regarding song lyrics, famous songs’ video and the best links to buy them can easily be obtained via this app.


It is a very innovative and interesting app which displays your superb songs list in the form of cube shape. The entire list is maintained in an alphabetical order over the cube surface which can be navigated easily from left to right side.

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