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Android Users Response to Chrome Beta

Everyone who uses internet is well aware of the amazing features and qualities of Google Chrome browser. When it came to the market, Firefox has captured almost 50% of the market and it was really hard for the Google to snatch the Firefox users. But it offered a faster browsing and less hanging so user shifted to Chrome Browser. Luckily Firefox gave an update which went wrong and it made Firefox too slow to respond and it made the Firefox users fed up and they installed Chrome on their systems.

Chrome BetaChrome is no doubt word’s top ranked internet browser these days. When the age of Android came, Android users felt a desperate need for Google Chrome browser for their android devices. Google got thousands of requests and finally they decided to launch it Chrome Beta for Android. The users who were eagerly waiting for this blessing readily accepted it and get it installed on their android devices.

Chrome Beta for Android got some very good response from the users. Only few users were found complaining about minor bugs which were later on removed by the Google in its update. Google Chrome for Android is the top trending app these days and it is one of the most downloading apps by the android users. It is getting good reviews every day and Google is updating the Chrome Beta accordingly.

Most of the features in Chrome for Android are same as in its Windows or Desktop PC version. It allows the user to open multiple tabs to enhance their browsing experience. Good thing you feel in this android version of Chrome is that you simple tap on the tab to activate it. It allows you to synchronize your data with your PC or other devices where you are already using Google Chrome. It gives you liberty to type and save passwords every time.

One of the main bug or problem that was mostly reported by many of the users was the tab swapping problem. User can toggle between tabs either by tapping on the tabs or by swipe. This swipe was creating some problem for most of the users but then Google sent and update which almost solved the issue. Though Chrome Beta is still in its testing stage but now it has become much more reliable and useable. It is easily and freely available to the users who want to enjoy the same browsing experience with some extra features.

The day is not far when Google Chrome will grab most of the android users as well. It has made its way clear and it is getting response as well. If you want to wait for the complete version then it’s the time to install as it seems now Google has done most of the updates and Chrome Beta for Android is a complete version now. Simply download the Google Chrome Beta for Android and start browsing your favorite websites with the same zeal and zest on your android devices.

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