0800 numbers are way forward to increase your business sales

Staying ahead of your competitors is a constant battle, but battles are there to be won. If you’re wondering what your next strategic move should be why not make the switch to 0800 numbers? You see, your customers are a savvy bunch and they know that companies offering Freephone calls are usually a safe bet. Not only will they avoid racking up heavy phone bills by calling you, but they also get a great impression of your business and will want to do business with you time and time again.

But It’s Just a Number Right?
Wrong. 0800 numbers say a lot about how you do business and customers and potential customers are much more likely to use a company that offers a free telephone number. After all, depending on the nature of their call they could be on the phone for a long time. A major bugbear with consumers is the wait times, phone charges and poor call handling they are subjected to when calling companies and if you can improve this one area of your business you’ll keep your customers happy and recommending you to others.

Inflate Your Business Without Inflating Overheads
Need to make your business look bigger? 0800 numbers do just that. There are no geographical boundaries with 0800 and to the customer you could be operating from anywhere from a business premises of any size. It’s a great way of inflating your business without increasing overheads and the business benefits can be huge.

Also, there is no restriction on where you can route your 0800 numbers to. Need to route to a mobile phone or international landline? That’s no problem and you can arrange these services and much more by giving Telecoms World a call today. Why not take some time to view 0800 numbers that are available for your business right now and take major steps to improving the competitive edge of your business.

Whether you need help with automatic call divert, interactive voice response or disaster recover for your phone lines, the expert team can talk you through their range of services and recommend the best fit to suit your business now and well into the future.

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