Top Android Widgets

The advancement in mobile technology is based on the development and advancements in applications.  The demand of the handset is basically depends upon the number of flexible and effective applications. Android has tried its level best to provide best useful applications to the users. Similarly android has developed games, applications and widgets to make our daily life simple. As there are a number of widgets in android market so now I m going to introduce best android widgets so that it could be useful for android users to find out the best widget easily.

Top Android Widgets
Top Android Widgets

1.      Twidroid Widget

This widget is basically developed for the regular twitter users so that they can easily post their tweets and can keep track of it.

2.      Android Agenda Widget

This widget allows android users to keep track of their daily routines and works. This application also works as a reminder for them for their upcoming events such as meetings etc. This application also works as a schedule calendar for the users and with the help of this application users can easily keep records of their daily and upcoming tasks.

3.      Battery Life

This widget is very much important for each user of smart phone because every users needs to know about the battery timing of their handset and with the help of this widget they can easily come to know about the amount of charge remaining in their phone battery.

4.      Data Counter

This widget is developed for smart phones that are using 3G and 4G technology. With the help of this widget users can keep track of the amount of data downloaded or uploaded with internet.

5.      Pure Grid Calendar

This widget is basically the calendar application and with the help of it users can easily keep track of the days by using this calendar widget in order to perform their tasks effectively.

6.      Snowstorm Weather Widget

This widget facilitates the users to get updates about the latest snowstorm forecast in the region. With the help of this widget users can easily keep track of the hard winter weather conditions in order to avoid travelling in the areas having dangers of land sliding.

7.      HTC Weather and Clock Widget

This is two in one widget. This widget also provides weather updates along with the time and is very much effective in use.

8.      Stock Android Widget

This widget is developed for the investors of stock market. This widget is very much effective for them because it provides the latest updates regarding stock market developments to the android users on their smart phones.


This article is all about the android best widgets. With the help of these widgets users cannot only perform their daily tasks effectively but can also keep track of daily information like latest weather updates, stock market development updates etc on their android smart phones.

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