Android Apps Review – “Voice Recorder” and “Oi File Manager”

We have come across to Android nowadays a lot and this is all being done by Android great devices and technology measurements. Let us have a review of two Android applications.

Voice Recorder

All of you are fond of taking voice notes, this free, open-source, standalone application is going to do this work for you. This awesome Android app i.e. Voice Recorder always lets users to keep track of and save a voice note after recording, or send it on your personal account from your personal Android phone. It doesn’t involve SMS attachments or uploading to any social network like Facebook, MySpace, etc.

voice recorder
Voice Recorder

If you intend to properly shut down your applications at some specific time, you can have some sort of reminder or alarm that will finally convert Voice Recorder at “ON” mode. You can also make proper choices like you can eventually convert recording to a ringtone. Suppose you are a good singer, you can record your own voice and later on you can convert them to your ring tone. Also, you can enjoy your previous recordings by performing advanced search entering keyword as title or the date of the recording. Mostly, users perform their search by entering title option as basic search mode. Your home screen and all other customizations occur as per your instructions. Well, it depends on users that how they all perform their search because both methods are authenticated and reliable. To sum up, I shall ad that voice recorder is awesome application but it may be risky also few times.  So, be careful while and before using it.

Oi File Manager

oi file manager
Oi File Manager

Whenever you plug your device to your PC, you receive an awesome and fantastic Android app with awesome user interface known as”Oi File Manager”. It presents users with folders and files and also lets those copy, move, and share personal data. One main feature of this application is that you can easily and perfectly handle your memory with no effort. With normal OS, you must delete MP3 files or delete some data as needed.  You can perform all needed functions like creating new folders, rearranging existing files, sending items via MMS or emailing documents. It also provides users with integration with existing features like MP3. Few functions you can’t do like deleting files and folders. So, it needs to select each file for proper deletion and eradication. Few unrecognized extensions can be well managed and organized and you can check them as per you need. For example, you have some file stored on your personal SD card and you are getting an error of ‘Application Not Available’ but you can easily open and view such files through this application. It widely supports infinite file endings, mime types, directories clicked in the list, creating directories, renaming, and deleting files, moving files, and sending them by email. To conclude, I shall add that Ol File Manager is going to browse your personal SD card thoroughly and providing you with best results.

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